Archäologisches Museum | Budapest - Ankauf

Bauherr: Budapest City | Verfahren: offener Internationaler Wettbewerb, 1. | Planung: 2005

By its appearance and ist sheer size the building does not need any more complicated form than a cube, friendly to the location and essentially highly economical. By stacking the entire programme simply on the top of each other the shortest possible way between functions is arhieved. Shortcuts and connections between different functions and areas are easily possible linking everything together.

As a matter of fact the volume is also the most efficient way of organising the space allocation plan in terms of the relationship surface area / volume. This means economic construction methods and a signifiacnt reduction of energy consumption over the life cycle of the building.

We´ve choosed a timeless, non formalistic approach to the architectural design. The buliding is observable as a piece of conceptual art, which lends a cosmopolitan flavour to the whole museum. It is creating a link between Szentendre and Budapest. This linkage indicates that the new Ferenczy Museum aimes to extend the Budapest cultural network of Szentendre and to be open and kooperative establishment rather than an isolated institution with a narrowly defined mission. The museum building has been designed as an open hall which can be organised and partioned off in various ways and can act as a stage for museum displays, „performances“. This flexibility should create a new aesthetic experience of space. The highly flexibility of the space allows for a broad spectrum of museum activities.